OJS: Publish your own Open Access journals

Open Access journals with a close relationship to the University of Vienna may make use of the journal management system Open Journal Systems (OJS). While the Computer Centre (in German: Zentraler Informatikdienst, ZID) provides hosting for the journals, the Open Access Office supports your journal with a helpdesk and with offers intended to help you become acquainted with the system. We conduct two-hour introductory workshops (enquire via ojs.ub@univie.ac.at) to help you get an idea of the software.

Note: Due to a reorganisation of our OJS services, no new journals can be added at this time.

OJS features

Editorial and publishing system: OJS covers all areas from article submission over peer review up until publication on the journal website. Editors content with their current website can decide to forego OJS's publishing system and just use the software as editorial system for managing internal workflows.

Role-based workflow: OJS users can have different roles such as editor, reviewer, author or reader. Depending on the role users have different options available to them in order to carry out their respective tasks (e.g. submission of an article for authors). Naturally, functionalities increase with a higher level of hierarchy so that journal managers can manage e-mail templates, forms for reviewing, and many other aspects.

Customisable interface: User interface and layout of your journal can be customised, e.g using your own style sheets.

Documentation: OJS is very well documented and has a large user community. You can also find many helpful links here.