Open Access publishing agreements

The University of Vienna has negotiated a number of agreements for Open Access publishing. These agreements cover subscription journals (hybrid journals) and/or Gold journals (fully OA journals) of the respective publisher. Details for the respective agreements can be found here:

In order to be eligible for funding you have to meet the following requirements:

  • The "corresponding author"1) is affiliated2) with the University of Vienna on the date set by the agreement (i.e. either "acceptance date" or "submission date", for details see "Funding requirements" of the agreement in question).
  • The "corresponding author" states "University of Vienna" as their affiliation or as one of their affiliations
  • Articles resulting from FWF projects can be funded via OA publishing agreements as of 2024.
  • Articles resulting from EU projects3) are handled differently according to the respective contract (for details see "Funding requirements" of the agreement in question).

Only "corresponding authors" are eligible for funding. "Corresponding author" is the person the publisher is in contact with concerning the article and who is named as such in the publication itself. Co-authors, first authors or last authors are not eligible for funding unless they are also corresponding authors. The "corresponding author" principle is used internationally to determine which institution covers the charges in case an article is written by authors of different institutional backgrounds. It facilitates fair distribution of costs.

2) University affiliates are defined in UG 2002 §94. Should you be a research grant holder please provide confirmation to that effect via e-mail.

3) If the EU is named as a funder in the article it is responsible for Open Access funding (regardless of whether the corresponding author was involved in the project). Please note that the funding requirements in your EU grant agreement have to be met (see also OA funding for EU projects).

Notes: With OA agreements, there is no need to apply for funding with the Open Access Office since Open Access can be ordered directly as part of the publishing process. The article should be submitted from the University of Vienna's data network using the e-mail address provided by the University of Vienna so that publishers can determine funding eligibility.