Open Access publishing agreement: American Chemical Society (ACS)

Authors affiliated with the University of Vienna can publish Open Access without any additional charges in approximately 60 ACS journals under a transformative Open Access publishing agreement. Please find the agreement details here:

Validity period
Funding for

Articles in subscription journals with Open Access option: Eligible Journals (PDF)

Note: Funding for ACS Omega and ACS Central Science (fully open access) needs to be requested via the OA publishing fund. The ACS Au journals, however, are processed under the agreement.

Funding requirements
  • You are "corresponding author" of the article in question.
  • You are affiliated1) with the University of Vienna on the date of acceptance.
  • The following applies to articles resulting from FWF projects: funding provided by the FWF2).
  • The following applies to articles resulting from EU projects: funding can currently be provided by the University of Vienna (sufficient remaining articles available).
  • The article lists "University of Vienna" as your affiliation or as one of your affiliations.
  • Funding is available for all article types (with the exception of Additional and Corrections, Expressions of Concern, Retraction, In This Issue, Introducing our Authors). Book reviews are always excluded from funding.
Funding is only provided for Open Access, not for any additional fees (e.g. colour charges, submission fees).
Author workflow

ACS uses the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) web interface to administer the agreement. After acceptance, please choose the Open Access option and follow the steps as presented. A one-time registration may be required. Your affiliation to the University of Vienna will be checked by the Open Access Office. Processing of the agreement takes place without author invoicing.

Details see ACS: how to publish under a Read+Publish Agreement

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1) University affiliates are defined in UG 2002 §94. Should you be a research grant holder please provide confirmation to that effect via e-mail.

2) If the FWF is named as a funder in the article it is responsible for Open Access funding. There is a dedicated Open Access agreement between ACS and the FWF, so there is no need to apply for reimbursement. Please note that the FWF funding requirements have to be met.