Funding for Open Access publishing

As opposed to conventional subscription journals financed by subscription or licence fees, Open Access journals do not charge for access to their content. They are financed instead (in about 1/3 of all cases) by so-called article processing charges or APCs that authors are asked to cover. To assist authors with OA publishing, many academic institutions offer funding schemes.

The following funding schemes are available to affiliates of the University of Vienna:

  • OA publishing fund: This central fund provided by the University Library is available to University affiliates for publishing in Open Access journals (Gold OA).
  • OA publishing agreements: In addition to agreements with Open Access publishers (BMC, Frontiers, MDPI), we also support OA publishing in conventional subscription journals (Hybrid OA). Currently these "transformative agreements" are available for ACS, AIP, CUP, Elsevier, Emerald, de Gruyter, IOP, IWA, OUP, RSC, SAGE, SCOAP3, Springer, Taylor & Francis and Wiley. This meets the wishes of many authors to be able to publish OA in highly renowned and established journals.
  • FWF funding and EU funding: OA funding for publications resulting from projects funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) or the EU is covered by their respective agreements. The respective Open Access policies apply.