Open Access funding for FWF projects

Please note that the policies for OA funding differ between the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the University of Vienna. The most important differences are:

FWF*Uni Vienna
PolicyOA mandatory. See OA policy of the FWF.OA recommended. See OA policy of the Uni Vienna.
Funding for articles in Gold OA journalsUp until EUR 2,500
Details: Peer-reviewed publications.
Up until EUR 2,000
Higher fees can be covered in certain cases. Details: OA publishing fund.
Funding for articles in subscription journals ("Hybrid OA")Up until EUR 1,500. Details: Peer-reviewed publications.Funding for hybrid publications only if covered by OA publishing agreements.
page charges, colour figures etc.No.No.
OA funding for monographs
Yes. Details: Stand-alone publications.No.
OA funding for journalsYes. Program: Funding to Establish or Modernise Scientific/Academic Journals to Comply with Plan SNo.

*) Policy for FWF projects as of 1.1.2014

Please note:

  • OA funding for publications resulting from FWF projects is always covered by the FWF and not by the University of Vienna.
  • Article processing charges not fully covered by the FWF due to the price cap are excluded from funding by the University of Vienna, i.e. any possible remaining amount has to be raised elsewhere.